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1 Welcome To Media Production on Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:04 am


Here in Media Production, i will be sharing some video editing, sound editing tutorials, tricks, and tips. Not only me, if you know any of this kind of stuff, feel free to make a tutorial on it.

Not only will i be posting tutorials and stuff, also some of my work, or other really good effects other people have created.

I'm going to post some pretty useful, or good programs you can use.


Video Editing

For Beginners:

Windows Movie Maker - (great for beginners, most computers already come with it.)

For Moderate:

Camtasia Studios - (Pretty good program if you already understand the basics of video editing)

LS Maker - (Good for Special FX)

For Advanced:

Sony Vegas Pro - (What i mostly use, pretty good program, expensive though)

Adobe After Effects - (Really good for special effects mostly)

Adobe Premiere - (Better for editing the videos.)


Sound Editing

Audacity - (Somewhat good for all levels)


If you have more details, or anything i missed, just post it here.


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