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1 Sorry that I've been dead for so long on Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:43 am


I got pummeled with commissions, requests, art trades galoreeeeee.
Some woman is paying me to draw 30 fucking dragons.

Anywaaayys, here's a little art dump for you all.

Something I did in my free time for myself, made this pretty creature.
Her name is Coyelte. Lmao yes, her. She is a girl. <3
I also drew a headshot of her awhile back:

This was an art trade, one of my best friends from another site gave me quite a bit of lovely art in return. :3

A paid commission, I gave them a discount because I said I wasn't in the mood to put much effort into it.. and then I put much effort into lmao, so yeah. I managed to cheat myself out of money.

Something else I did in my free timeeeee, made up a species called a "kiese" which is not a wolf, but actually a cat-like marsupial closely related to the now extinct Thylacine, or "Tasmanian Tiger." I love Tasmanian tigers.

Tommy received a similar looking one of these, but his is green and has a radioactive mask rather than a pumpkin. c:
See below:

A paid commission. The character was somewhat atrocious to look at at first, but I've grown attached to her as well as her commissioner. She's a very kind person. A classic example of why you can't judge a book by it's sparkly, magnificent, psychedelic cover.

A relative of my friend's. She got a quick little doodle of her character for a pretty good price. Yes it's a furry, whip out the holy water!

I also sold this same person a character awhile back:

Another paid commission for a somewhat close friend. I absolutely adored her character, but I feel like I didn't do it justice. It looked much more lion-like and powerful in the reference image, whereas I made it look like a laid-back housecat haha.

Another thing I did in my free time. My newest character, she's a dhole which is a kind of canine, lives in Southeast Asia I believe?.. Somewhere in Asia, that's all I know.
I have a friend who REALLY REALLY loves these creatures and I kind of looked into them and now I love them too! They look kind of like Chow-chow dogs in real life.. and I want one!

Okay so I tried my hand at that modern/retro styled look, and I have to say, this style was very fun and easy, and it comes out looking stylish and nice! Win-win!

And now that I'm done burning your eyes with furries and other funky-coloured animals and retro-looking caves with red trees and all, here's a pic I drew awhile ago of Tommy and I's Gaia avatars switching hats:

I still disdain how my humans look, but I'm certainly getting better if I do say so myself.
Also I still cannot figure out what I find so cute about pinstripe vests. -sigh- :)

2 Re: Sorry that I've been dead for so long on Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:55 am


DAMN mischief you're talented!!!! Wow you need to do more stuff like that.

3 Re: Sorry that I've been dead for so long on Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:10 pm


Lmao, thanks, I will be. And wdf is with your sig.. o.o

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