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1 Making A Simple Refresh Bot -VB- on Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:53 pm


Fresh Meat
Easy Tutorial For Making A Refresh Bot.

Download This First
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Open Up Vb, New Project, Window Forms Application

Now time to insert the item you downloaded to your application before doing anything

go to project, add a excisting project find the file you downloaded and equip it in the project.

now make these things from the toolbox

When you make the form you like just double click on the body of the form and enter the following


When you're done click on the Button
and Write the following

Do Until (1 = 2)

And You're Done
Save The File, Download Au3 Compile Script to .exe And you're finished..

Or if you want to keep it private just save it on your VB and open it and debug and use it Smile

This Is Easy, But For The Nuubs Its Just Perfect To Start With.

If This Helped Please +Rep
Thank You.

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