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1 Technition on Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:12 am


Fresh Meat
I would love to repair anyone's computer for free, And if you think i'm going to infect it with viruses and rat's and spyware ect. I'm Not! I'm only here to help you get your computer running brand new yes i'm new to this site but i'm an expert at repairing one's computer that may lagg, Be acting weird, Slow, Retarted (Doing things on its own that you never asked it to do), Or just plain old infected by viruses that you can tell but the pc won't pick it up in a virus scan.

I Can fix any problem For free consider this as a gift from me to you, But i'm only helping you out and showing you how to do this once it will fix your computer for a life time, Or until it dies of old age and not cleaning your computer out of dust ect. Well This is why i would love to be a Computer Repair Person for this site :) (Yes i'm trusted i've repaired 16 people's pc's and they are running like new but may need some new hardware new processor's hard drive's ect.(Not caused by me it was caused by virus's Crappy Protection ect.

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Cool story bro

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Hi Zacccccccccc, didn't realize you joined CT? :Y

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