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1 Short Summary on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:58 am


So in class I need to do some summary about this book "Thank you M'am'." What do you think of my summary? You can go online and read the book and then you can understand my summary. Well, here it is.

Thank you M’am’

In the story “Thank you M’am‘” by Langston Hughes. A women named Mrs. Jones, she was a helpful person. I’ll give you an example on how she is a helpful person. She helps a 14 year old boy get back on life.
At the time around 11 o’clock, Mrs. Jones was walking home, till a boy went and tired to get her book back(purse) The strap ripped and the boy fell hard on the floor. Mrs. Jones wasn’t to happy about it. She asked the boy “Now ain’t you ashamed of yourself?” The boy says back “I didn’t aim to.” Mrs. Jones gives back a toned voice “You a lie!” (Hughes.18) Mrs. Jones asks the boy “What is your name?” The boy says back “Roger.” So later that day, Mrs. Jones takes Roger to her house for dinner. So that late night they ate. Suddenly, Mrs. Jones gives Roger some money to buy the shoes he wanted. He walks out the house and want’s to say something but he couldn’t. But then a little whisper from Roger says “Thank you.” Mrs. Jones shuts the door and they never saw each other ever again.

2 Re: Short Summary on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:15 am


i never really read the book, but id say thats a decent short summary.

3 Re: Short Summary on Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:28 pm


its a good somary acutaly
it tells a lot about the book so good job!!
what about figuartive language and stuf like that, tho.
maybe included things like that if it had any.

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