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1 Computer Talks SOTW #1 on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:44 am


Since the last time we tried to have a sotw, it failed. But now we want to have one. If you don't know what sotw means, it stands for: Signature of the week. So, here are the rules.

Follow the theme:
SOTW Entry Rules
1. Follow the theme.
2. Only Enter once.
3. Do you're own work.
4. Do not re-use entries you have entered in previous SOTWs.
5. You may change your entries only if voting has not begun yet.
6. The dimensions of your entry should not exceed 500 x 100, 500x200
This topic will be locked on Saturday, October 2nd. And will start the voting then. So good luck to the ones who are going to try the sotw.

{Edit By Apocalypse} Any Off-Topic posts Will be deleted.

[EDIT] Time Extended till Oct. 8th.

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