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DJ Fresh

TzukiX wrote:.-. ok so it wasnt just me thinking beeer is smoking to much? XD
No i don't smoke to much..


Rhode island is passing it, a state down. Funny thing was my mom's cnosidering moving there, she prob just wana get high alot.-.


EluZive wrote:
Death wrote:
Desu wrote:
Death wrote:
Desu wrote:I just think that's stupid.
I like that idea although i'm not 21 it does less damage then beer.
Still, marijuana is really bad for you, even though some doctors give you the drug when your really stressed. They'll use it for you to calm down.
It only kills your brain cells and makes you stupid it calms me down when i'm mad or have body pains or depression.
The way the drug affects each person depends on many factors, including:

* user's previous experience with the drug;
* how strong the marijuana is (how much THC it has);
* what the user expects to happen;
* where the drug is used;
* how it is taken; and
* whether the user is drinking alcohol or using other drugs.

Some people feel nothing at all when they smoke marijuana. Others may feel relaxed or high. Sometimes marijuana makes users feel thirsty and very hungry—an effect called "the munchies."
Some users can suffer bad reactions from abusing marijuana. They may experience sudden feelings of anxiety and have paranoid thoughts. This is more likely to happen when a more potent variety of marijuana is used. If your a fucking idiot to do this s**t, go ahead.
/Face palm It has bad side affects on some people, It also stops headache, Helps people with eating disorders, Helps Some people get rid of Anxiety, or depression(Like me) It helps with over 1200 Sicknesses that people would have to use dangerous medicine or have surgery for. So stop being a stereo typical Fuck and get real. Fucking drag queen. Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

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